Memorials & Headstones

New Monuments

We offer a full monumental masonry service to Young, Grenfell and surrounding districts. We can supply a full range of granite monuments using a choice of local or imported stone in a variety of colours. Inscriptions can be engraved into the headstone or cast as a separate bronze plaque and mounted to the stone.

Colours include: light mottled grey, dark grey, black, red.

Our range of monuments includes:

Headstone only – a simple granite headstone mounted on a concrete foundation. Available in the full range of colours, they can be mounted upright or in a laid-back ‘pillow’ style.

Soldier Style – consisting of a concrete foundation, granite kerbs around the edge of the monument, an upright headstone and granite chips (pebbles) covering the grave. Available in a range of colours – looks most effective when the headstone is a contrasting colour.

Traditional style – popular style with granite kerbs covered by a full size granite slab. Once again, can be very striking when contrasting colours are used. Headstone can be upright or lay-back (thicker at the bottom than the top, sloping front).

Premium – similar to the Traditional but all horizontal faces have a split-rock finish. The granite components are generally thicker to achieve this effect making this the most expensive monument in our range.


We also provide a range of accessories to give your monument an individual style. These include:

Photo-ceramics: Photo printed on a ceramic plate, with or without a frame. Can be mounted on headstones including those in Lawn cemeteries.

Bronze plaques: Available in a range of sizes and styles, where a range of emblems can be added (e.g. crosses, Armed Forces insignia, Lodge symbols etc.)

Vases: Replacement chrome vases in a range of styles and sizes

Ornaments: A wide variety of monument ornaments including ceramic roses, marble crosses and porcelain statuettes 

Monument Restoration Service

We are able to provide a complete cleaning and restoration for existing monuments and headstones. 


Granite, concrete and tile finishes on monuments are treated to kill moss, mould and grime prior to being cleaned with high-pressure water. 


Once cleaned, inscriptions on headstones can be repainted to highlight the lettering in more detail. Standard colours are black, white, yellow and grey. We use a special epoxy gloss enamel paint to ensure long life on the paint finish.


To ensure long-lasting refinishing to headstone inscriptions we offer a regilding service, where a very fine layer of pure gold is applied to the lettering. This finish looks better for far longer than standard paint finishes.

Repair & Replacement

We can repair or replace damaged granite or marble items on monuments, remove and recast damaged concrete components and remount fallen headstones and plaques. 

Before restoration
After  restoration
Headstone before restoration
Headstone after restoration